Roth IRA Calculator: Valuable Tool to Help You Maximize Potentials of Conversion

If you have been pondering whether to convert your traditional IRA to a Roth IRA, it is worth your time and effort to research and compare the pros and cons. In the web, there are an inexhaustible source of information and opinions on Roth conversions. A fascinating website such as Forbes provides relevant data to guide you as to how much you should convert even without a calculator. It takes into account the minimum required distributions but does not compare the value of a Roth and traditional Read more [...]

Financial Calculation With Excel Today

If you are concerned with financial calculation, then this will no doubt involve the use of Microsoft's excellent Excel spreadsheet. Excel allows of both manual one-off calculation and of automated calculation. The main problems of manual financial calculation. Manual calculations that can involve large numbers of variables and tricky formulae will be more prone to human error. They will also involve more labour, and so take more time and in any business they will also cost more. This increases Read more [...]